Nina & JEE

LimogEs, lE 27-28 DécEmbrE 2013

CCoparentalitépCo, Franck PayEn, MichEl LiEnéré, AuréliE Lhéron, GaëllE Magnard,

William BEc, Éric MancEau, OliviEr Gourson & SAGREisS

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ME & Mrs JEE

Canton StylE by PEtEr Chao

De: SAGReiss

Date: 6 septembre 2014

Objet: Nina

Agathe & Jee,

Feeling somewhat implicated in this sad story, I write to see if I can't help the two of you find a solution. The goal of fathers is not the exclusion of mothers. It's equality between the parents.

I empathize with Agathe because she has been deprived of her daughter for two months, the last month contrary to a decision of French Justice. At the same time, I have been deprived of my daughter for four years, and Jee was deprived of his daughter for many months.

There is only one solution I see for your family:

- Annual shared custody, that is Nina stays with one parent during the school year, stays with the other parent during school holidays, the summer is split in two, and the next year the roles are inverted.

There are obvious problems with this solution:

- The fatigue & insane cost of air travel.

- The difference in school systems & vacation schedules.

- The difficulty for Nina to maintain close friendships with her schoolmates.

I just don't see any other solution. Of course Agathe can say that a decision was made in French Family Court, but that decision would just have resulted in Jee's progressive exclusion from his daughter's life, and the awful loss for Nina of both her father and her Korean language & culture. It's really no different from the current situation, except that Jee has acted outside of the Law. The result is the same, the exclusion of Nina's mother and her French language & culture.

Why can't you be the family that proves the fucking stupid "experts" wrong, that a child can have two homes, two countries, two languages, two religions?

Also, Jee, if at any time you wish to bring Nina back to France, but are afraid of being arrested, you can bring her here to my home, and your sister can take her back to Paris. You do seem to have committed some kind of crime.

I am happy to act in any way as an intermediary between the two of you, who have very strained relations. Please let me know how I can help.

Scott, father of Rose

De: SAGReiss

Date: 4 janvier 2014

Objet: Circling the Wagons

Je prefere la version "backgammon". C'est le spellcheck qui a fait ca? Bon, j'ai telephone a Hyunyoon: "Pourquoi vous me telephonez?" "Pour savoir comment va Jee." "It's not your problem." "Ah, excusez-moi alors de vous deranger." "Vous me derangez beaucoup, et Jee aussi." "Bon, merci. Au revoir." Je crois qu'ils ne sont pas contents de ne pas avoir tout ce qu'ils veulent, donc ils se serrent un peu les coudes. Jee vient d'une culture, une minorite sans doute au Coree. Comme certaines cultures juives, ils sont tres renfermes, ne comprennent pas le monde exterieur, en ont peur. Ce qui me fait rire dans ce truc, c'est que Jee est tres vulgaire en anglais, et il a vecu au Japon, mais bon, s'il a vecu comme Hyunyoon dans une colonie d'expatries... mais comment ca se fait alors qu'il vous a rencontree? J'en deduis que vous etes une chaude seductrice et que vous l'avez viole par votre charme & votre beaute pour l'induire en erreur. En plus il n'etait pas tout jeune quand il vous a rencontree. Comme moi. Mais bon, c'etait bon pendant que ca durait. Le probleme, c'est que l'amour, apres, c'est pendant. On verra ca quand Jee rentre & se calme. Pour l'instant je n'y peux rien. Il ne va pas vous faire chier jusqu'a la Toussaint, donc tout va bien. Prends soign de Nina.

Scott, pere de Rose

At 10:09 4-01-14, Agathe wrote:

I will not come to the airport and i will wait for Hyunyoon to bring me backgammon Nina.

Envoyé de mon iPhone

From: SAGReiss

Date: 4 January 2014

Subject: Re: Fwd: Re:

Agathe & Jee,

You are both assholes, behaving in the worst possible way for Nina, and pretty much guaranteeing that you'll go through, and she'll go through, at least another five years of hellish lawyers, police & judicial procedures. I've been at this since 1 July 2007, and once I get through here, two weeks after 24 February 2014, I'm going to move to Namur (Belguim) and start over. You know the first thing I'm going to do? I'm going to find the woman who has had me thrown in jail four times, and ask her: "Can we please just come to an agreement about Rose, instead of involving the fucking Law?"

Agathe, I told you to sit tight and forget his stupid fucking papers. I'm now telling you to sit tight and wait for Hyunyoon to bring Nina back home this afternoon.

Jee, while it may be fun for you to write this kind of letter, it really serves no purpose. And believe me, I can do better than that. In my Christmas wishes to the Procureur, Juge aux Affaires Familiales, Juge des Enfants, Juge d'Instruction, President du Tribunal, avocat de Rose, administrateur ad hoc de Rose, psychologue, assistante sociale, et educateur, I called them Antichrists & Motherfuckers. If this is the best you can harass her, Agathe has nothing to complain about. Seriously, Jee, you fucked up, so whatever happened to your precious papers is your fault, and Agathe's. No one cares how many men she fucks. It's her ass to wash.

Here's what I think the two of you should do. Avoid a confrontation today, which means Agathe avoid the airport. Sign the God-damned Convention I wrote for you. I also think, Agathe, you should give Jee one more week in the summer. Working at the BNP, you aren't taking four weeks of vacation in the summer, so why not let Nina have one more week with her paternal family? Jee may be a cunt and a religious freak, but he's still your daughter's father. Nina is not going to become a religious freak. She'll just learn Korean and love her father and paternal grandparents.

Please, both of you, try not to create some kind of international incident at the airport today. Nina doesn't need that.

Keep in touch.

Scott, father of Rose, friend of Nina

At 07:56 4-01-14, SAGReiss wrote:

Vous avez chercher a le faire chier, et vous avez reussi. Quoi d'etonnant? Deja il vous informe que cela se passe a 13h30. A votre place je resterai a la maison. Hyunyoon vous amene Nina en debut d'apres-midi. Vous cherchez un malheur tout autant que Jee. A pest on both your houses.

At 06:03 4-01-14, you wrote:

For your information.

Envoyé de mon iPhone

Début du message transféré :

Expéditeur: Jee

Date: 4 janvier 2014 03:21:08 UTC+1

Objet: Rép :

Totally unconscious. And be shameful to you.

Think about what you have damaged to me. Then you should not do such a thing to me.

Feel sorry and behave as right way and right thinking.

If you think what have you done to me, at least you should apologize and ship whole my belongings.

You did not pass the car to me even I told you two times.

I was devoted and commited whole physically, financially and mentally while I and you are in Japan so that you could save some money by paid life expense or rent fee by me in Japan.

You also damaged to my sister by your bad behavior what you did such as leaving books, notes and etc in front of her house.

She cannot take a rest because of your bad behavior. How can you compensate to my sister? This is illegal.

Why you bring my belongings to the moving house without my permission?

And, you didn't let me know the new address because you are living with the SOB even before divorce. You are doing very bad education to Nina.

You should leave those and back to Charenton house.

And, I lost some of very very important books and notes.

How can you compensate those?

Come to the airport around 13:00 tomorrow. I have a message before I leave. be more wise!

Le Vendredi 3 janvier 2014 21h34, Agathe a écrit :

I left your belongs at the entrance door.

Envoyé de mon iPhone

De: SAGReiss

Date: 3 janvier 2014

Objet: Vous me fatiguez.

Chère Famille Jee-Drancourt,

Vous me faîtes prodigieusement chier tous. Je ne suis pas payé pour entendre vos conneries à longueur de journée. J’ai quatre audiences en trois juridictions qui arrivent, le 16 janvier en correctionnel, le 23 janvier chez le Juge des Enfants, le 30 janvier de nouveau en correctionnel, et le 24 février chez le Juge aux Affaires Familiales. Ce genre de problème n’est même pas la mission de mon association 1901 le CopCo. Soit.

Jee, je te conseille vivement de décider une heure, avant ton départ à l’aéroport, où ta femme Agathe viendra chez ta sœur Hyunyoon chercher ta fille Nina et te rendre tes putains de papiers.

Hyunyoon, à supposer, comme cela semble fort probable, que ton frère Jee fasse le con, je te conseille vivement de ramener ta nièce Nina chez sa mère Agathe en repartant de l’aéroport demain, soit à 13h30, soit à 20h35, Jee ne sachant même pas l’heure de son départ. Je te demande également de bien vouloir reprendre, en déposant Nina chez sa mère, les affaires de ton frère, et notamment ses notes, cahiers, et livres qui lui sont si chers.

Agathe, je te conseille vivement d’attendre sereinement l’arrivée de ta fille Nina demain, en coordonnant avec ta belle-sœur Hyunyoon (qui est belle en plus), et de te démerder avec le bordel de ton mari Jee, soit en le refilant à Hyunyoon, soit en le gardant chez toi jusqu’à ce que la mort vous sépare.

À tous je vous conseille vivement de résoudre vos problèmes, avec mon aide si vous voulez, sans les flics, sans les avocats, et sans le juges. Une histoire de fesses ne vaut pas tant de chagrins.

Merci de trouver ci-jointe la dernière version de la Convention de Divorce.

Maintenant je vais boire un coup et oublier vos problèmes de merde.

Scott, père de Rose, ami de Nina

This fucking woman could write

After great pain, a formal feeling comes –
The Nerves sit ceremonious, like Tombs –
The stiff Heart questions ‘was it He, that bore,’
And ‘Yesterday, or Centuries before’?

The Feet, mechanical, go round –
A Wooden way
Of Ground, or Air, or Ought –
Regardless grown,
A Quartz contentment, like a stone –

This is the Hour of Lead –
Remembered, if outlived,
As Freezing persons, recollect the Snow –
First – Chill – then Stupor – then the letting go –

Après une grande douleur, un sentiment formel arrive --
Les Nerfs s’assoient cérémonieux, comme des Tombeaux --
Le Cœur raide s’interroge : « c’était Lui, qui porta, »
Et : « Hier, ou il y a des Siècles » ?

Les Pieds, mécaniques, tournent en rond --
Un chemin de Bois
De Terre, d’Air, ou de Rien --
N’empêche grandi,
Un contentement de Quartz, comme une pierre --

Ceci est l’Heure du Plomb --
Rappelée, si survécue,
Comme les gens qui se gèlent, se souviennent de la Neige --
D’abord -- Froid -- ensuite Stupeur -- enfin le laisser tomber --

Traduction par SAGReiss

                Dickinson, 16 April 1862

From: EDickinson

Date: 16 April 1862

Subjet: Is my Verse alive?

Mr Higginson,

Are you too deeply occupied to say if my Verse is alive?

The Mind is so near itself – it cannot see, distinctly – and I have none to ask –

Should you think it breathed – and had you the leisure to tell me, I should feel quick gratitude –

If I make the mistake – that you dared to tell me – would give me sincerer honor – toward you –

I enclose my name – asking you, if you please – Sir – to tell me what is true?

That you will not betray me – it is needless to ask – since Honor is it's own pawn –

De: SAGReiss

Date: 1 janvier 2014

Objet: Nos Voeux

Friends: Madame le President du Tribunal, Madame le President Adeline Boudry (Juge d'Instruction), Madame le President Sylvie Prats (Juge des Enfants), Madame le Juge aux Affaires Familiales, Monsieur le Prefet Bernard Gonzalez, Monsieur le Procureur Dominique Senechal, Me Emilie Soubeyrand (avocat de Rose), M. Wojtkowski (psychologue), Mme Charre (assistante sociale), M. Helft (educateur), M. Jerome Ribeaucourt (administrateur ad hoc de Rose), Gendarmerie de Largentiere,

Le Collectif pour la Coparentalité (CopCo) vous souhaite ceci & rien d’autre à tous les pères & à toutes les mères. Bonne année & meilleurs vœux!

Scott, père de Rose

Rose Reiss, Luca, Evan & Nicolas
        Moreno par SAGReiss

De: SAGReiss

Date: 31 decembre 2013

Objet: Mes Voeux

Messieursdames les Motherfuckers: Madame le President du Tribunal, Madame le President Adeline Boudry (Juge d'Instruction), Madame le President Sylvie Prats (Juge des Enfants), Madame le Juge aux Affaires Familiales, Monsieur le Prefet Bernard Gonzalez, Monsieur le Procureur Dominique Senechal, Me Emilie Soubeyrand (avocat de Rose), M. Wojtkowski (psychologue), Mme Charre (assistante sociale), M. Helft (educateur), M. Jerome Ribeaucourt (administrateur ad hoc de Rose), Gendarmerie de Largentiere,

Il est a peu pres clair maintenant que Mme Uccellatore a foutu le camp. Ca vous arrange, car vous savez tres bien que je la suivrai en Belgique, ou elle est vraisemblablement, d'apres les statistiques geographiques de mon site, que Madame consulte naturellement tous les jours, ou au bout du monde. Je viendrai a vos audiences de cour de kangourou en janvier & fevrier, puis je quitte l'Ardeche & la France, legalement ou illegalement, cela m'est egale. Je vais chercher ma fille.

Je vous souhaite, en cette fin d'annee, la maladie, la peste, les morpions, la souffrance & la mort. C'est un delit? Tant pis. Je vous attends chez moi, si tel est le cas.


Scott, pere de Rose

Catherine Uccellatore & SAGReiss

From: SAGReiss

Date: 29 December 2013

Subject: Merci

Jee, I was overjoyed to meet you & your lovely family. You're daughter is an angel. I'm sorry, I didn't ask you for permission to do this, because I couldn't accept the answer no. Your name was mentioned in the newspaper, and our friends were sending images of your daughter to Facebook as we were demonstrating. Your wife will see them. She will complain. She can't do anything more than that. The pictures were taken in public. It's perfectly legal. She can sue me in civil court, but you had nothing to do with the pictures. There's nothing we can do about this anyway. I have become a political figure, and the demonstration was a public action. This slideshow will encourage & mobilize other fathers, and will help me in my fight against inJustice. I hope you understand.

Scott, father of Rose, friend of Nina & Jee

De: SAGReiss

Date: 29 decembre 2013

Objet: Nina & Jee

Messieursdames les Antichrists: Madame le President du Tribunal, Madame le President Adeline Boudry (Juge d'Instruction), Madame le President Sylvie Prats (Juge des Enfants), Madame le Juge aux Affaires Familiales, Monsieur le Prefet Bernard Gonzalez, Monsieur le Procureur Dominique Senechal, Me Emilie Soubeyrand (avocat de Rose), M. Wojtkowski (psychologue), Mme Charre (assistante sociale), M. Helft (educateur), M. Jerome Ribeaucourt (administrateur ad hoc de Rose), Gendarmerie de Largentiere,

Voici le cadeau de Noel des peres violents, alcooliques, incestueux a la France & au Coree du Sud, Nina, fille de Jee, reunie avec son pere au bout d'un an d'absence, deux semaines apres qu'il a envoye une bouteille a la mer en anglais sur le mur de mon ami Serge Charnay, pere de Benoit, ou je l'ai vue. Vendredi le 21 decembre Jee m'a envoye la decision du 15 novembre, que son con d'avocat n'avait pas pris la peine de lui faire comprendre. J'ai telephone a Jee: "Get on a fucking plane right now. You can pick up your daughter today." Jee est arrive dans la nuit du 23 au 24 decembre. La veille de Noel il a eu droit a une non-representation d'enfant. Sa soeur & moi avons negocie pendant deux jours avec Madame & son con d'avocat. Resultat, le 26 decembre Jee a sa fille, et le 27 j'ai enfin eu le plaisir de les rencontrer, avec la soeur & son mec, a Limoges lors de la Marche des Peres Limousins avec mon ami Franck Payen, qui y est alle pour une visite mediatisee, ou la mere de Bryan & Yannick a essaye, sans doute par gentillesse & dans l'interet superieur de ses enfants, de refuser tous les cadeaux de Noel que Franck avait apportes pour ses fils. Le grand lui a demande pourquoi il persistait a venir: "T'as les photos. Ca suffit." Bien entendu, il n'a pas eu de photos de ses fils pendant deux ans. Vous avez dit: "Alienation parentale"? Et vous vous etonnez que je sois si mauvais avec vous. Vous meritez bien pire, et vous risquez de l'avoir.

Scott, pere de Rose

From: SAGReiss

Date: 26 December 2013

Subject: House & Food

Jee, I have no idea what you're doing, but that's OK. I'm leaving for Limoges tonight at 2am. If you come to my home in my absence, the cat will already have enough to eat & drink. I do not let him go above the third floor, the playroom with the computer, nor below the second floor, the kitchen, assuming that the ground floor is the first. You can use the computer in the playroom. I'll leave it on my mother's account. No one fucks with my data. Rose's room, where Nina will sleep, is on the fourth floor. I haven't made her bed because I didn't want to take the plastic off the new mattress if you aren't coming. The sheets are on the bed, & also towels. In the bathroom you'll find a blue bathtub for your daughter. You will sleep on the fifth floor, or loft. I made the bed. There's a little homemade split pea soup & croutons in the fridge, and a lot of homemade chili con carne on the stove top. I didn't make it with fresh chili peppers, for I was afraid that it might be too strong (hot) for your daughter, even though she's Korean. There is grated Conté cheese, salsa sauce & taco shells to accompany the chili. The next-door neighbor at number 3, whose name is Ophelia & who has the keys to my house, will help you, and she has a daughter Nina's age. Ophelia is half Oriental, like Nina. I asked her if she spoke Korean or Japanese, but she said she speaks just a little English. The French tend to understate their language skills, so she might speak relatively well. If not, your daughter will translate for you. My house is in a pedestrian, cobblestone way that descends from the round Protestant temple to the Catholic church, so you can take your pick. The mailbox reads: "5 Rose & SAGReiss" (image attached). When you arrive at the Temple, look for the bakery. Ask the baker's wife where the American lives, but I think she calls me Gabriel. She will show you. If all else fails, there's always this:

See you soon.

Scott, father of Rose

Rose & SAGReiss by SAGReiss

Nina & Jee par SAGReiss

L’ÉcoliEr Limousin dE François RabElais, PantagruEl (1532)

Nous transfretons la Sequane au dilucule et crepuscule, nous deambulons par les compites et quadrivies de lurbe, nous despumons la verbocination latiale et comme verisimiles amorabonds captons la benevolence de lomnijuge omniforme et omnigene sexe feminin, certaines diecules nous invisons les lupanares de Champgaillard, de Mascon, de Cul de sac, de Bourbon, de Huslieu, et en ecstase venereique inculcons nos veretres es penitissimes recesses des pudendes de ces meritricules amicabilissimes, puis cauponizons es tabernes meritoires de la pomme de Pin, du Castel, de la Magdaleine et de la Mulle.

Nous traversons la Seine à l’aube et au crépuscule; nous déambulons les croisements et les carrefours de la ville; nous écumons la langue latine, et, comme véritables amoureux, cherchons à gagner la bienveillance de l’omnijuge, omniforme et omnigène sexe féminin; certains jours nous visitons les lupanars de Champgaillard, de Mascon, de Cul-de-Sac, de Bourbon, de Huslieu, et en extase vénérienne nous inculquons nos vérétilles au plus profond des pudenda des plus aimables courtisanes, puis nous nous repaissons aux tavernes méritoires de la Pomme de Pin, du Castel, de la Madeleine et de la Mulle.