Jungle Rose




27 July 2010 - Grospierres, Ardèche, France
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Marie, Rose & SAGReiss by Jean

Marie & Rose by Jean

Marie, Moshe, Rose & SAGReiss by Jean

From: SAGReiss

Date: 30 July 2010

Subject: Acrobranch

Yesterday we went back to Acrobranch in Grospierres with Marie & her wheelchair-ridden half-sister Clara. Rose graduated from the BabyParc to the Bambino Parcours, 1-2meters high with a harness attaching her to a security wire. I hope John took pics. I didn't bring the camera. I don't really like taking them, just looking at them. It creates a distance between observer & subject, removing me as a participant from the scene. Writing doesn't really do this, although some (such as Graham Green) have claimed it does, since you rely on memory to write, observation once removed, what Bill Wordsworth called: "emotion recollected in tranquility". Anyway the girls climbed the obstacle course, then we picnicked by the river, swam, went poo a few times, reran the obstacle course, ate ice cream & saw the ducks in Berrias, called Rose's grandmother, and watched Robert Altman's Popeye while I made shrimp & mayonnaise. Clara's wheelchair ran out of juice, but John said: "No problem," and fucking carried her a hundred yards down (and then up) a slope to the river. She is twenty-two, and weighs about a hundred pounds. That is a determined man. If he weren't, he would never see his daughter, who lives in Martinique & whose mother is even worse than C the G.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 28 July 2010

Subject: Jungle Rose

My second break in a week. Rose is napping. The laundry needs to be folded before it rains. I can't take a shit without someone attacking me, my daughter or Antistrophe. We've seen Marie almost every day, and again tomorrow (Thursday). Kim I hope Friday. Second piano lesson Saturday. Arts & crafts festival with Marie Sunday. Death Monday. Marseille Tuesday. Work Wednesday. Judge's decision a week from Friday, but I might not see it until 9 or 10 August. Anyway, I've timed the pic interval to the second song of our Frank Zappa medley, which I read at an 80bpm andante times four is three thousand milliseconds. I'm not very good with the metronome. I actually like the first song, an improvised Jungle Boogie better, but the two kind of show both sides of his work, conceptual & satirical. The pics are not great, but esthetically harmonious & pleasing. It actually represents the first two (before our picnic) of four runs through the same part of the (I can't remember the damned name of the thing in English, a "parcours" in French, an obstacle course?) The second two didn't fit. They were heterogeneous, for different reasons, light, subjects, etc. Anyway, gotta run. Rose is waking up. Cat is whining. Link is here.