Rose Reiss by SAGReiss

Rose Reiss by SAGReiss

17 January 2009, Les Vans, Ardèche, France

From: SAGReiss

Date: 4 January 2009

Subject: OK?

Speaking to Ben yesterday I invoked the surreal picture (I haven't got one yet.) of Rose raising her left forefinger (She seems to be left-handed [but right-footed].) and uttering a terrible rhetorical question: "OK?" with a look in her deep brown eyes that suggests: "You are my father, and outweigh me fourfold, but I will rip your heart out if I choose." Ben, who has the dubious honor of taking longer than I did to get a college diploma, though to be fair DePaul University once won a basketball championship and is not the post office box that is Charter Oak College, understands these things, as the long-suffering father of two and spiritual guide to a few dozen "little thugs" at a junior high school in Chicago, and keeps changing his marital status on Facebook, which must drive his wife crazy. I am happy that Rose calls the house next door (Photos of the beautiful stony views to come.) "maison", as no one has told her that's what it is. I have called it the new house or home, but she figured out for herself that it was a "maison". That is about her most creative use of language so far, most of the rest being repetition, except perhaps her insistence sometimes for something called: "green one", which does not necessarily indicate something that most of us would call "green". [It was of course the green pot of yogurt.] My mother, who was a laxist (Is that not a word, for God's sake?) parent, seems to think I am a laxist parent, but it is very hard to know these things. What indeed might Rose mean by the "green one", since she is presumably able to distinguish green from blue (as were the Romans, I'm told, who had the same problem). I don't think she's color-blind. Her answers to many questions seem to indicate rather a different set of categories, corresponding no doubt to a different set of priorities, and who am I to judge? I say: "Yes," if she uses the French or English word I would have used in a similar context, and: "Maybe," if she uses another word. After all, we have read The Three Little Pigs from the pigs' point of view, from the wolf's, another version called the The Three Little Wolves, and a book in the library where the wolf wears a pig mask. I think this is called problematizing the text, like Shakes casting a bunch of queer boys as girls dressed as boys wooing girls played by more queer boys in the forest of Ardennes.

Rose Reiss by Catherine Uccellatore Rose Reiss by SAGReiss Rose Reiss by SAGReiss Rose Reiss by SAGReiss

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