Catherine Uccellatore

Catherine Uccellatore


From: SAGReiss

Date: 15 December 2011

Subject: Marie & Rose


J'espere que les preparations vont bien pour l'accueil de Marie pour Noel. Je vous felicite avec mes meilleurs voeux.

Rien ne se passe de mon cote.

En revanche, la mere de Rose a ete assignee par l'avocat de ma mere le 30 novembre, avec une ou deux dates d'audience l'annee prochaine. Il semblerait que la procedure est un peu plus lente pour un grandparent. Nous avons demande exactement ce que tu as, sauf en ete:

- les annees impaires: toute la periode des vacances scolaires d'hiver; la premiere moitie des vacances scolaires d'ete; toute la periode des vacances scolaires de Noel;

- les annees paires: toute la periode des vacances scolaires de printemps; la seconde moitie des vacances scolaires d'ete; toute la periode des vacances scolaires de Toussaint.

J'espere que la procedure peut aboutir pour les vacances d'avril 2012.

Un evenement saugrenu est arrive dont j'aimerais t'informer. La mere de Rose a telephone au prof de piano de Rose, qui avait fait une attestation pour ma mere, car ma mere a assistee a une des lecons. A mon sens cela represente la subornation de temoin, mais je ne sais pas encore ce que les avocats en pensent.

Ton numero de telephone figure dans le contrat de location, auquel la mere de Rose a acces. Si jamais elle te telephone, merci de m'en informer. Et (Je ne sais pas comment te dire cela de maniere diplomatique.) si jamais tu te fais draguer par une belle brune quadragenaire aux cheveux longs, c'est peut-etre mon ex. Elle est capable de tout. C'est une Nicole blanche.

J'espere vraiment que Rose & Marie pourront se revoir au mois d'avril, meme si je ne peux toujours pas etre la. J'ai regarde, et les vacances de Paques coincident a quelques jours pres.

Bonnes fetes.

Scott, pere de Rose

From: SAGReiss

Date: 4 January 2012

Subject: No Shame

Attached: no_shame.pdf

Jean left me voice mail that C the G had indeed written to him. After Sara (Rose's English piano teacher) told me that C the G had called her when she read the witness statement in my mother's lawsuit for visiting rights, I wrote to warn Jean, delicately cautioning him against a beautiful brunette with long hair. I have to respect C the G. She wrote a lovely letter, so ambiguous, so open to interpretation. On the one hand, it reads like a harmless request for a playdate between children. On the other hand, why does she include the court document defining my conditional release from jail [except to suborn perjury]? On the third hand (and those of you who read French can confirm or infirm our male intuition) this is an assignation, in the English sense, for in French that word means a summons: "Let's hook up (so that our children can play, of course)." Jean, being the shameless Catholic horndog that he is, offered to help me set a trap for her: "Um, OK, so after you fuck her and for some reason she forgets to confess that she concocted the false charges against me, how do we close the trap?" I think he's more interested in sealing the deal. What a fucking whore, both of them. Although I'm sure she's a beautiful Martinican, I wouldn't fuck his ex-wife with Strophe's dick. You'll also notice that I am officially accused of having committed Penal Code 222-22 et seq. sometime between 1 January and 20 September 2010 (or at any time during the three-year statute of limitations, which word is misspelled) in Les Vans (or anywhere in France). My daughter's name is apparently either Weiss or Reiss. I can't even count the number of typographical, spelling or grammatical mistakes in the court document that currently rules my fate. At least they didn't have to write Uccellatore twice.

From: laurent

Date: 4 January 2012

Subject: Re: No Shame

Everything looks so innocent when written on that Séyès Paper.


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