Return of Son of Reiss vs Uccellatore

Scott Alexander Gabriel Reiss

Voir Reiss vs Uccellatore, Reiss vs Éducation Nationale, Reiss vs Ordre des Médecins, The Kidnapping of Rose Reiss, & Zelica wife of Potiphar

The Dead Kennedys

Impérieux, colère, emporté, extrême en tout, dun dérèglement dimagination sur les mœurs qui de la vie na eu son pareil, athée jusqu’au fanatisme, en deux mots me voilà : et encore un coup, tuez-moi ou prenez-moi comme cela, car je ne changerai pas.

Si, comme vous le dites, on met ma liberté au prix du sacrifice de mes principes ou de mes goûts, nous pouvons nous dire un éternel adieu, car je sacrifierais, plutôt qu’eux, mille vies et mille libertés, si je les avais.

Le Marquis à la Marquise de Sade, lettre du prison de Vincennes, septembre 1783

Imperious, choleric, irascible, extreme in everything, with a dissolute imagination the like of which has never been seen, atheistic to the point of fanaticism, in a word there you have me: and once again, kill me or take me like that, for I will not change.

If, as you say, my principles and my tastes cost me my liberty, then we may bid each other an eternal farewell, for I would sacrifice, rather than them, a thousand lives and a thousand liberties, if I had them.

The Marquis to the Marquise de Sade, letter from the prison of Vincennes, September 1783

From: SAGReiss

Date: 30 October 2010

Subject: Return of Son of Snowballs

My plan for the moment is to stay in bed for twelve to sixteen hours a day for the next six months. I can't think of anything else to do. There's no way I can keep coming up with inspiration under these circumstances & deprived of Rose. The only thing that could give me a reason to live is the Cantillizer project, but I've been looking for a database programmer to help me for six years. I'm unlikely to find one now, although I think I could arouse my mind to pull off the project. What I meant about snowballs is that both Dr Robinet & the Judge of Children, whose decision was just delivered to me, specify that EVEN IF the charges are false Rose is still in danger of her father, and his "delirious love" for her. I am condemned for loving my daughter. So EVEN IF the prosecutor dismisses the charges in six months, the judge has already paved the road for NOT returning Rose to her father's. The new social Inquisition, officially called an Educative Action in an Open Environment (AEMO in the French acronym), can be renewed until Rose is eighteen. I have no intention of being alive that long. [My heart will give out.] I have done what the world would let me do for my daughter. I fear I can no longer help her. She will have to learn of her father & the world by reading the words I have already written. I don't know how much more I have to write.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 30 October 2010

Subject: Snowballs in Hell

I know I'm spamming you, but if I can't spam my friends & family whom can I spam? It's difficult trying to change lawyers with judicial aid, and I may have made mistakes on Tuesday & Thursday alone, but if I had listened to my lawyer's secretary, since I couldn't reach my lawyer, I would not have met the deadline for the appeal of the prosecutor's decision, which seems to be important. I've got all the information on how to appeal the Judge of Children's decision, and the Family Court judge's, although there is some controversy about deadlines, which I will deal with. It will be very hard not to give up, the Stockholm syndrome. I can't imagine doing this for the next six months, but I may have to do it for a much longer period of time. John won't be back from Martinique for another week. I'm not sure his example is pertinent. He was a retired dentist, a pillar of society. I am a more marginal figure, an artist, an intellectual, living "outside of social norms" according to Dr Robinet, whose name is so good he doesn't need a pseudonym. It's very hard not to give in to the fear. I have no idea what to do with myself. Alan is dead. Dave & Alex are abroad. Mike is in the UK. Sonia & Father of Sam are kind of worthless. I'm thinking of something to propose to the new social workers, daily visits at the school nursery morning, noon, or eve, but there's probably all kinds of protocol forbidding that. For the moment this looks like a long slide down the river bed.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 28 October 2010

Subject: Meet the New Judge...

I actually liked this one. She wouldn't let us talk, so perhaps she might actually read the files. She immediately told C the G's new lawyer that there was no chance of unfathering me: "Monsieur has been convicted of nothing." Since 1 October, when this nightmare began, that's the first time anyone has deemed fit to mention this fact. The judge wasn't taking much shit. When C the G brought up the naked pic, which she had so loudly insisted I take back in the summer of 2006, the judge replied: "That's a personal matter." Even my visiting rights will only be suspended, pending the prosecutor's decision. Absent a trial & conviction, I'll get them back, BUT there will be no visits (not even in a nursery, as no such service is provided in Ardeche) for at least six months. I shall not see Rose again in 2010, nor before April or May of 2011. When I next see her, she will not understand my speech. She will be six months less educated. She will have tasted six months of her mother's bitterness and her sisters' ignorance. She may be calling someone else papa. There's nothing I can do about any of this. C the G also claimed, Tuesday & today, that she's filed another complaint, once she said "false accusation", which doesn't make any sense, and once she said "defamation", but I've no worry about that. My site is like the moon, visible in France but not under its jurisdiction. That's what I think anyway. Besides, there's nothing untrue on my site.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 27 October 2010

Subject: Appeals

OK, I've finally managed to get some information. After having no luck whatsoever with the bar association, the judicial aide office, and of course my AWOL lawyer, the lady at the appeals court in Nimes finally gave me the advice I needed, as absurd as it seems to be. She let me know, while not quite saying it, and quickly retracting what little she did say, that I had done well to appeal (at the last possible moment) the prosecutor's decision, and would do well to appeal the same decision by the Judge of Children yesterday and the Family Court judge tomorrow, even though these appeals serve no practical purpose. They are the symbolic expression of my disagreement with this decision, taken by three separate instances of French (in)Justice. Nothing will come of it, but it needs to be done. It's just a few registered letters to write, one or two trips to Nimes, one judicial aid form to fill out, for some other kind of lawyer called an avoue (acute accent), who is obligatory for one of these procedures. It seems unlikely that I shall get stuck with too many court costs, but if so, what can I do? The first social Inquisition seems to be covered by judicial aide. The second seems to be a freebie by the State that has imposed it. (My idiot lawyer asked for the first one, which theoretically means that I asked for it.) I am encouraged. I know what to do. I have the addresses. I know it all means nothing until the prosecutor decides I'm innocent. I know I will barely see Rose for six months at least. I know she will revolt, sooner or later. I know C the G will die, sooner or later. I know I shall write her obituary, even if I die first. HL Mencken taught WJ Bryan that an obituary is a very powerful thing. Rose will read my words. She will understand. She will know.

27 octobre 2010

Bon, c'est foutu. Le JDE n'a meme pas pris la peine de lire les documents, a confirme la suspension du droit de visite, une AEMO de six mois. Le JAF jeudi va decider la meme chose. La paternite de Rose est vacante pendant six mois, ouverte a n'importe quel zizi sur pattes que Madame ne tardera pas a lui proposer. Je verrai peut-etre ma fille une heure par mois dans un centre. Dans six mois ou plus, la fausse accusation sera dementie, et peut-etre que je pourrai de nouveau voir ma fille. Sinon, je n'ai qu'a attendre qu'elle sache ecrire, qu'elle me contacte par mail ou par chat, en se cachant de sa mere a la bibliotheque. Je suis un homme de lettres. Je serai un pere par correspondance. Rose apprendra l'anglais en lisant mes courriels, faute de pouvoir entendre ma voix.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 26 October 2010

Subject: The Melany/ie Room

We can now see how this will play out, much like John's case. No judge will take any decision to let me have Rose back until the prosecutor makes his decision, and he has six months and shows no signs of being in a hurry. Even then he may, as he did in John's case, simply order further inquiry, which can take up to two years, before deciding whether or not to press charges. So it's basically six to eighteen months of an hour a month in a nursery, longer if this shit actually goes to trial. The Family Court judge will set that in stone on Thursday. It will not be a temporary decision, but must be appealed immediately (a symbolic gesture), and then we go back to Family Court whenever the prosecutor, or judge, if it comes to that, declares me retroactively innocent. I will try again the day after tomorrow, but no one seems overly interested in the fact that this is C the G's second false accusation of child rape. Rose will see a fucking gynecologist, a shrink, God knows what else. Nothing I can do about any of this. Our last hope, although even this would have no immediate effect, is if Rose somehow summons up the willpower to call her mother a liar in the Melany/ie Room, possibly on Thursday. She's a strong girl, but she'll be faced with uniformed (I guess) cops, a camera, with her mother waiting outside, having just delivered her last-minute pep talk on what to say. Could any four-year-old child resist such a show force? My best hope actually comes from a mistake I made today. I thought we were going to talk about the case. Instead the Judge of Children was just going to order the additional social Inquisition and perpetuate no visiting rights, no matter what happened. I did, however, give C the G's lawyer my documents, which of course he made no move to reciprocate, but if C the G has a look, she may try to convince Rose to use the word "fesse" instead of the word she taught her: "kikine", which frankly I would spell: "quiquine" by analogy with "quequette". She's feeling so invulnerable right now, that I think she might try to reverse course. Remember that what she is aiming at here is redemption, revenge for the judge's decision in the case of her first false accusation. She got tripped up on a word that time. I have also found the shibboleth. If Rose gets confused in the Melany/ie room by trying to juggle the words "fesse" & "quiquine", she may just say: "Fuck it. Murder will out." There's no need for lawyers, I have found. I had none by necessity, and needed none. I'll have none on Thursday, but by a perversion of French law I still have to fill out another judicial aid form for each new instance of the same accusation, so that I don't get stuck with court costs, which rise quite high when they have to pay for these Inquisitions. I have noticed an odd instance of the opposition between written & oral law, which in the Jewish tradition are both written. The US constitution (see Zelicah) makes no mention of the presumption of innocence, which is oral English common law, but apparently quite strong in America (see Miranda's touching end). The French Droits de l'Homme specify the presumption of innocence, which is altogether absent from these proceedings, as you can see. I have to think about getting rid of the cat. It's a horrible thing to do to Rose, and I like Strophe too, but he's just pissed on my jacket, no big deal, which was on my briefcase with all of the court documents in it, no damage done. I'm going to have social workers in here once or twice a month for six months, without Rose. How am I to explain the smell of cat piss? I am paranoid, perverse, megalomaniac, dangerous to my daughter, and don't even know how to bring up a male cat. Fuck me again.

SAGReiss au Juge des Enfants - 26 octobre 2010

From: SAGReiss

Date: 25 October 2010

Subject: Rights of Man

My rights are disappearing before my eyes at an alarming rate. I've got two court dates this week with five days notice for each, and no lawyer to be found, despite my theoretical right to an attorney. I'll go without one. I've got a document that's been read by the boyz. I should be able to submit it. If not, I'll just read it, or as much as I'm allowed. Nothing much is at stake. I don't really understand what the Judge of Children is supposed to be ruling on, but it doesn't appear to be visitation rights. The Family Court judge will rule on that, but only temporarily, I suppose, and very likely in C the G's favor. Asking for adjournments will only drag things out, prolong Rose's privation of her father. I will state my innocence, demonstrate that there is a pattern of undermining Rose's paternity, assert that this is the second false accusation of incest made by the plaintiff. There is no cross-examination, so I might just have to answer a couple of questions from the judges. There seems to be little else I can do. God save Rose. God damn her mother.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 23 October 2010

Subject: Neil's English

Sleep hath brought counsel. I will fight back with the document I began yesterday in BOTH courtrooms, Tuesday & Thursday, with whatever lawyer(s) I can find. I will NOT ask for an adjournment. Let's get this shit over with as fast as possible, so that some visits, even in a nursery, may take place. No one is going to take a permanent decision on visitation rights (nor ANY decision as to parental authority) until some headway is made with the complaint at the heart of the matter. I will continue to ask for shared custody, as if this accusation were a mere inconvenience, duly refuted. Best-case scenario, a few hour-long visits in the coming months until a decision is reached, then return to regular visits, and I renew my request for shared custody. Marie & John are normal daughter & father after a year of separation & no week-ends due to her being kidnapped to Martinique. Worst-case scenario, C the G succeeds in exterminating me from Rose's life, possibly including banishment from France, and I seldom, if ever, see her until she is eighteen years old. By the time she is ten or twelve we communicate online, her hiding in libraries or cybercafes as necessary. C the G cannot remove me from Rose's mind, nor will whatever piece of shit lovers she brings home ever replace me as Rose's father. Conflict will ensue, and C the G has not governed that very well with her eldest daughter. (Both girls are enrolled in the CAP, the lowest possible vocational diploma, the elder laughably in health care, the younger more plausibly in retail sales, school for cashiers.) Rose will grow up remembering & wondering about her father, whose words will always surround her, learn English in school, and at worst speak it like Dave's son Neil, with an outrageous C(l)ous(t)eau-esque accent, but who cares? I'm sure laurent gets along swimmingly with Mrs Laurent's family, although some translation between Hotlanta & Paris may be necessary. When she's eighteen, Rose & I can sing Schnierele Perele on Ellis Island.


Date: 22 October 2010

Subject: Re: The Damage is Done

I am very sorry and hope you have the strength to endure this more than nightmare.

1) The 1st 4 years are the 'formative years' in a childs development.

2) Often when a parent is absent, the child end up gravitating and expressing a great deal of/from the absent parent.

I love you


From: SAGReiss

Date: 22 October 2010

Subject: The Damage is Done

I'll be spending the next few months in court, but not in jail, but not with Rose. My file contains only C the G's complaint filed on 23 September after Rose is supposed to have said something on the 20th, the psy report on Rose 1 October & me 14 October after our interview on the 6th. There is mention of a Rose videotape made in the Melany (sic) room, but no news on where the vid might be. The good doctor says I'm paranoid & dangerous, but his report is full of errors great & small, and not too convincing (at least to me), all paranoia aside. I don't think this will go to court, nor stand up if it should, but that's not the problem right now. On Tuesday 26 October, I will see the Judge of Children. C the G will be there, but not Rose. She will decide something, but I'm not sure what, since the prosecutor has already suspended our visitation rights, and we have a new date to decide that in Family Court on Thursday the 28th. I'm guessing that I should take my chances with the Judge of Children, who decides on the danger factor & holds a higher burden of proof, before confronting Family Court, whose judge does whatever she likes. If the Judge of Children reestablishes visitation rights, the Family Court judge will not overrule that. So I guess we'll ask for an adjournment on the 28th, pretexting the Family Court decision & the eagerly awaited social worker's report. C the G is now asking for what she really wanted all along, exclusive parental authority & NO visitation rights. I doubt the Judge of Children will decide much of anything on Tuesday. It's too soon, which means nothing is going to happen for a while, maybe a long while. Until someone is willing to go out on a limb (very unlikely) I will not see Rose, or perhaps see her for an hour a month in a nursery. The whole case will take six months to unravel, in the best of circumstances.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 20 October 2010

Subject: Wham Bam Pow

The shit is going down fast, which is good for Rose, but very scary for me. I am "invited" to the Judge of Children's office on Tuesday 26 October, a little late for their fifteen-day deadline, but within reason. My lawyer is busy, and I'm not sure if she's still my lawyer. The baton twirler will not appoint a new one for me before then, but the Judge will give me whoever happens to be standing around in the hallway waiting for some action. I won't be alone. I know the file (which my own lawyer hasn't bothered to learn), and presumably the rent-a-stiff knows the law & procedure. Well, maybe. We'll have to make it work. I'll consult the files tomorrow or Friday in Privas. At that time, I'll add my letter to the prosecutor, and, if I've got it, Lorenzo's decision. (Rose's maternal Grandfather is named Vincenzo & is not dead.) I made my own fifteen-day deadline to appeal (a purely symbolic act) the prosecutor's decision of 8 October, but not by much, as it took me a week to figure out that my lawyer wasn't going to help me, another week to look unsuccessfully for a new lawyer, and a third week to figure out how to make the appeal by myself. Amazingly this is still considered civil court. No decision will be made about my guilt or innocence, except indirectly as it pertains to Rose's custody & our visitation rights. This is independent of the prosecutor's decision, expected within the next six months, about whether to pursue the case in criminal court. The problem is that a decision by the Judge of Children will be hard to have reversed, either by appeal or by the Family Court Judge, to whom we shall happily return when all of this is over, possibly on 22 November, if the social worker has finished her report, and if the prosecutor has elected not to go any further. Wish me luck.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 16 October 2010

Subject: Name Redacted

The gendarme, whose name I won't mention since he asked me not to (Actually he pointed his forefinger in my face, so I'm not sure it was a benevolent request.), was not amused. They have noticed that I published one, I think, of their depositions, or whatever they're called. They claim it's illegal, but were somehow unable to show me the text of law. He also claimed I had no right to use the logo of the gendarmerie, which is laughable. Am I forbidden from posting pics of the flag too? I am sorry, but the law is public, and therefore so is its implementation, including the names of those who have sworn to uphold it, police, prosecutors, judges, prefects, ministers, & presidents. If I read the newspaper, I would probably see the name of a judge every day, and might even know the name of the French Prime Minister. Anyway, he took my complaint, mostly quoted from my letter to the prosecutor, but he wasn't happy about it, so I didn't bother him about style or spelling. The lady cop who had busted me told him over the phone that pressing charges for false accusation would not help matters. Somehow the fact that the cops discourage this makes me think it's a good idea. On the way out, he gave me some friendly advice: "One of you has to stop, for Rose's sake." "I've been attacked in front of the Family Court Judge, the Judge of Children, potentially in criminal court, my visitation rights have been suspended. What am I supposed to do? Nothing? Just go to jail?"

From: SAGReiss

Date: 16 October 2010

Subject: Return of Son of Lorenzo

John told me I could forget about the police seeking a warrant for the rape verdict condemning C the G: "You're lucky if they read the documents you give them." So I figured all I can do is try again. I found Lorenzo's ex-wife's Facebook page, as she's an outsider who hates C the G, but it's so tightly wrapped that I couldn't even send her a message. I dug up her old addresses from 2007, and called her this morning. She happily gave me Lorenzo's cell phone number: "Bonjour, I'm the father of your niece Rose." "This must be a wrong number. I have no niece Rose." We eventually worked it out, and he said he'd send me the document on Monday. I'll believe it when I see it. As bad luck would have it, he was at his mother's home, celebrating his half-brother Vitto's birthday. (She's not the latter's mother, but I guess she likes to be in charge.) If he opens his dumb mouth, I'll never see the document.

SAGReiss au Procureur - 14 octobre 2010

From: SAGReiss

Date: 9 October 2010

Subject: Counterstrike

Damien, my favorite gendarme, rang the doorbell at 8:38, according to the document I signed. I answered in my pajamas, so maybe he can testify to the fact that I wear them. I apologized for my informal attire. He handed me an illegible fax from the prosecutor's office. As best as I can tell and translate legal gibberish, it reads: "Whereas the health, safety or morality of Rose REISS, ne(e) 27 August 2006 are compromised, Whereas indeed, the young girl confided to her mother in denouncing sexual aggressions on the part of her father; whereas a hearing of the minor is expected very soon in the melanie room and pending such an act of procedure, the principal of precaution shall obtain given that this week-end 9 and 10 October the father was supposed to pick up the child; Whereas it is urgent to take a protective measure in favor of this minor, ORDERS that the child Rose REISS be temporarily remitted to Mme UCCELLATORE Catherine from this day, States that it will be decided hereafter the contribution of the family to the costs incurred by this measure, States that the Judge of Children will be petitioned in the [illegible]." Once I deciphered it, I called Damien: "Bro, this is the second week-end of the month. I'm not supposed to pick up Rose until next week-end. Please suggest to the prosecutor that he might consider reading the judge's decision before abrogating it." "Thanks. I'll let him know." So much for the presumption of innocence. I wonder what that bit about "costs" means. Am I to pay C the G extra child support for the months of week-ends & vacations Rose & I will now be deprived of? That's like paying rent in jail. Fuck these bastards. I'm finding a new lawyer before I counterattack. I don't want to make an amateur mistake. I'll send my letter of protest/first line of defense, appeal the prosecutor's ruling, and press charges against C the G for false accusation. These are meaningless, but necessary symbolic, acts. The only person who can help us right now is Rose herself. If she gets pissed off and denounces her criminally insane mother before the video camera in the melanie room, all hell will break loose. I have no idea what would happen. She might even be placed in a foster home. One can't expect that kind of willpower on the part of a four-year-old child, even one who has been educated by her father to tell the fucking truth. There are at least a dozen grown-ups fighting my daughter. One can hardly expect her to fight back. It would be a miracle.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 6 October 2010

Subject: Brainwash or Fantasy?

It began badly, but we warmed up to one another. He claims, having interviewed Rose, her mother, & now me, that Rose is the accuser, not her mother. He vaguely quoted quite explicit depictions by Rose of our basically having sex, claiming that this happens between all fathers & daughters, and is right, if not a right. (In France almost everything is a right, but one's rights are not very well protected. I prefer a system where one has three or four rights, and they are almost never violated, especially if you happen to be white.) At first I claimed, as I still think probable, that she is simply repeating what her mother has had basically three months to inculcate her with. I also allowed for another possibility, which was a nice gesture on my part, since this old prick does not seem to allow for the possibility that someone who claims to be innocent might actually be so: "What else is a man who is innocent supposed to say, that he is guilty just to make the cops happy?" He described (fairly accurately) Rose & my relationship as very close: "She adores you." What I didn't know is that C the G & her are not so close: "In a rivalry." I thought it was more of a fusional relationship. I did allow, as I was saying, that Rose could conceivably be confusing our love with a fantasy of sex that never happened, although this would still not explain the explicitness of her description except with a little help from her mother. Anyway, on the one hand I'm fucked. I've got the Judge of Children, who overrides the Family Judge, who has taken over the social Inquisition (which isn't going so badly, I think), and also ordered some other kind of Inquisition. The good news is I think there's no way in hell I can go to jail for this. It's Rose's word against mine. There's no other evidence. The bad news is that it probably will go to court, resulting in endless Inquisitions of every kind, and about two years of hell from government officials. However, all is not lost. My visiting rights were NOT suspended. I shall still be allowed by the powers that be to see Rose, but only on neutral territory. Well, at least I can see her, talk to her, hold her in my arms. So what if there's some dried-up snatch looking over my shoulder to see where my hands are? It's better than nothing. There is one other possibility, but it's almost beyond hoping for. The key evidence will happen in the near future when Rose is filmed at the Gendarmerie. Her inner calendar must have already told her that she had missed a visit. Her mother has got to have been piling it on, possibly telling her that I was in prison, which isn't too far from the truth. She may realize that something is terribly wrong, and that it has something to do with what she told the good doctor. If she tells the pigs that her mother put her up to it, then C the G is fucked, and we are free. Let's please all be thinking of Rose, and wishing her to tell the truth.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 6 October 2010

Subject: One Word

My defense is taking shape both for the short term (preventing the charges from being prosecuted and, if possible, having them dismissed with prejudice) & the long term (preparing for trial in case of that unhappy scenario). The former consists of alerting the social worker (done), having my head examined (this afternoon), writing to the prosecutor (letter awaiting lawyer's approval), and filing countercharges for calumnious denunciation (waiting for lawyer's approval). The latter is much more difficult, since I haven't actually seen the charges, and thus have no idea exactly what I am being accused of. However, after listening to the gendarme's questions, I know one thing. If nothing else, a style point will set me free, as it did C the G's brother five years ago. She is not a good writer, and thus (or because) she doesn't pay close enough attention to words, which is very dangerous for anyone who speaks or writes, especially in front of poets & policemen. A word was said (I'm not sure yet by whom) that should not have been said, for purely semantic reasons. As in the past, I noticed it the first time C the G told me about the (false) rape charges against her brother, so I was not in the least surprised to find that same word used as a dagger in the judge's decision in that case. Once again, one word (one synonym) will sink C the G's ship. In the meantime, I have got to get used to the idea of one, two, three, four, five, or six months without seeing Rose.

6 October 2010

SAGReiss: You're so lucky to have been arrested in America. I asked the French cops for a copy of my mugshots. The cop answered: "If you've got a support medium." "There's a USB key disk right over there in my bag." He laughed.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 2 October 2010

Subject: Rose & Naia

Naia, Hind, & Denis,

Je suis desole, mais Rose ne pourra plus vous voir pendant un mois, trois mois, six mois, je ne sais pas. Je viens de passer en garde a vue. Un homme "presume innocent" est donc prive de ses droits pendant tout le temps necessaire au procureur de reflechir. Apres, je peux etre traduit devant le juge des enfants, mais cela m'etonnerait. De toute facon, le mal est fait. Rose ne sera plus parmi nous pendant des semaines & des mois. D'ici-la, elle ne parlera plus anglais. J'espere que sa mere est contente.


From: SAGReiss

Date: 2 October 2010

Subject: Garde a Vue


Tu auras compris quand je t'ai pose un lapin. Je viens d'avoir la meme chose que toi, accusation d'inceste, garde a vue, suspension des droits d'un homme "presume innocent". La marche tranquille de la justice continue sans se soucier de ses erreurs de par le passe & des degats a l'avenir. Ton cas me donne courage. La mere & les forces de violence n'ont pas su vaincre l'amour de Marie & toi. Rose & moi non plus.



From: SAGReiss

Date: 1 October 2010

Subject: Garde a Vue


Je suis deja sorti du trou, donc je reviens travailler lundi matin.

Antoine peut imaginer pourquoi je suis alle en garde a vue. C'est du classique.

S'ils m'ont laisse sortir en fin d'apres-midi, c'est qu'ils ont moins que rien. Sinon, c'etait quarante-huit heures.

Meilleures salutations.


From: SAGReiss

Date: 1 October 2010

Subject: The Shit-Spattered Walls

"May I have something to read?" The half a dozen armed gendarmes who had accompanied me outside for a yellow cigarette burst out laughing. "This ain't the library." I was handcuffed to the largest one, a head taller than I & outweighing me by half. Big bad Gabe scares the French police. I spent the morning lying between four shit-spattered walls in a fetid smell of piss that makes Strophe's smell good. "No problem. I'll just read the poems written in shit on the walls." I refused lunch. I just shut down my body, and let my mind wander, sometimes thinking about my predicament, sometimes not. Often singing Schnierele Perele or Song of the Rose at the top of my lungs. I insulted the French prick of a lawyer, a dandy if not a poofter, but he did tell me one thing that helped get me through. You have the right to remain silent. That was all I needed to hear. I had already begun refusing to speak, refusing to sign any of their documents. I now firmed my resolve. The dandy (or poofter) had told me this would cost seventy-two hours in the hole. I was ready for that. I thought: "My ancestors lied in rooms like this, but there were a thousand of them per room, no beds, & one toilet. I can handle this." The pigs said this would land me in prison. I didn't believe them. I tried to listen to their questions, which informed me of the complaint they wouldn't show me, but it was hard while at the same time disciplining my mind not to answer any question, even the most innocuous-sounding one. It didn't sound like there was anything in their file. I cooperated with the mug shots, fingerprints, & DNA sample, which I signed. "Why did you sign that one?" "Because he stuck the Q-tip in my mouth, so it's my DNA. You type your words, and then ask me to acknowledge them as mine." When they put me back in the hole at about four o'clock (One of the ways they try to disorient you is not to let you keep track of time.), I felt I had won, in the sense that I had refused to let them break my will. I sang Schnierele Perele one last time, and the key turned: "You're free to go." These are bullshit charges. No one ever gets out of garde a vue early, and it is usually renewed for a second twenty-four hours, especially with charges so serious in appearance. But the damage is done. My visitation rights are suspended pending a decision by the prosecutor, which could take up to six months, and runs concurrent with the social inquiry, the family court hearing, an expert psychiatrist ("Isn't that an oxymoron?") visit for me, & the continued destruction of Rose by her mother.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 30 September 2010

Subject: Convocation

Fucking great. My father arrives in Marseille, three hours away at 10:10pm, four hours from now. I have an appointment at the veterinarian's at 9:00am tomorrow morning. I am now convoked by the Gendarmerie of Joyeuse at 8am, for some unknown crime that C the G has accused me of. I called, but they wouldn't tell me what this is all about. I can't find my lawyer. I called Marie's father John. He said: "Fuck them. Go after work." I called the Gendarmerie back. The person who had convoked me now said I was accused of nothing, that this rather had to do with the complaint I filed in July. I don't know what the fuck to believe. The thing is why Joyeuse, if it has to do with my complaints filed in Les Vans & Largentiere. If C the G were going to file a complaint, it would be in Joyeuse, since she abused the cops in Largentiere so badly. Anyway, I'm not answering any questions if I'm accused of something. Surely they have to tell me that. Let them talk to my fucking lawyer. I'll plan to get the quilt into the car, talk to the pigs, go back home to pick up Strophe, drop him off at the vet's, drop the quilt off at the dry cleaner's, work for a couple of hours, pick up the quilt, go see John, return home to sleep, pick up Strophe at 5pm, pick up Rose at 6pm. What a fucking nightmare.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 26 September 2010

Subject: Keystone Lawyers

Marie's father dropped his witness statement in my lawyer's mailbox in Rosieres. Jean is a very dependable man. If he told me he did it, he did it. I also confirmed with the secretary in July that he had in fact done so. In mid August I ask for a copy to show to the social workers. I called a couple of weeks later, and the cunt told me it was awaiting signature. Signature? I just asked for a scan or a photocopy. A couple of weeks later, still no word. I call back. She says she'll send it again, but with no signature this time. Who the fuck cares? I finally receive the fucking thing, and it's not Jean's. I call again. No she didn't have Jean's, so she just sent me another random document. What the fuck is wrong with you people? I called John by now in a raging fury, asking him to send me a new one. It doesn't really matter, since I can add it to the files in November, but the French are worthless fucking pieces of shit. No wonder laurent lives in America.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 23 September 2010

Subject: Re: Photos de Rose Reiss

Madame Theraube,

Merci de votre mail et d'avoir eu la gentillesse de m'informer du nom de l'enseignant de ma fille Rose.

Je ne sais toujours pas si Rose est inscrite le matin seulement ou toute la journee. Vous prenez le temps de m'ecrire, sans prendre la peine de m'informer. Et apres vous dites au Juge aux Affaires Familiales que je vous fais perdre du temps parce que je dois toujours recrire pour vous redemander la meme chose. Je n'ai pas besoin de rencontrer Mme Boursier, ni de lui faire faire des heures sup. J'ai besoin de savoir si Rose est inscrite le matin seulement ou toute la journee.

Au lieu de me donner cette information pourtant simple, et de me prevenir en cas d'absence de Rose, vous perdez votre temps a imprimer 30 fois, plier ou decouper, et coller dans 30 cahiers des documents au depart electroniques que vous pourriez envoyer a toute la classe d'un seul coup en quelques secondes, quitte a faire un cahier en papier pour l'un ou l'autre parent qui ne vous aurait pas communique son adresse electronique. Je vous rendrez donc demain matin votre cahier de correspondence, mais je ne reviendrai plus le chercher. Il n'y a aucune information interessante la-dedans. Que Mme Boursier fasse greve le 7 septembre, c'est son droit, et je la soutiens. Mais si je voulais savoir exactement pourquoi elle l'a fait, j'irais ici:

Quant au cahier de vie, excusez-moi. Je n'avais pas compris. C'est pas grave. A l'occcasion (si jamais je revois ce cahier) j'y ajouterai nos photos avec les commentaires de Rose. Notre cahier de vie (electronique, polyglotte, multimedia, disponible 24/7 aux deux parents de Rose & a ses quatre grandsparents vivant tous a l'etranger) se trouve ici:

Rose est nee au vingt-et-unieme siecle. J'eduque ma fille en anglais avec les technologies de notre temps.

Meilleures salutations.

Scott Alexander Gabriel Reiss, pere de Rose

P.S. Je n'ai toujours aucune reponse a mon couriel du 29 aout concernant les trois attestations.

At 09:09 21-09-10, you wrote:

Monsieur Reiss

Mme Boursier Marylène,enseignante de Rose me fait savoir que vous n'avez pas rendu le cahier de correspondance dans lequel elle met toutes les informations administratives. Pouvez vous le rapporter et par la même occasion Mme Boursier vous rappelle qu'elle peut vous recevoir si vous lui demandez mais en dehors des heures scolaires où elle est avec ses élèves.

Pour info je vous signale une réunion de tous les parents de l'école LUNDI 28 SEPTEMBRE à 20h30 à l'école

Quant au cahier de vie ,l'école y met des évènements concernant la vie de la classe  et les parents y mettent des évènements concernant la vie à la maison  (mais ceux-ci ne sont pas mis par  l'enseignante)
Sincères salutations

Mme Théraube Chantal  directrice

From: SAGReiss

Date: 20 September 2010

Subject: Photos de Rose Reiss


Excusez-moi, mais je ne sais ecrire votre nom, puisqu'il n'apparait pas dans le cahier de correspondance.

Rose m'a montre son cahier de vie, et j'ai note que sa vie avec son pere brille par son absence.

Afin de remedier a cette omission, je vais joindre au cahier de correspondance trois photos: Rose avec son pere & son amie Naia, Rose avec sa grandmere paternelle & une citrouille-lanterne, Rose avec son grandpere paternel a Acrobranche.

Merci de bien vouloir l'aider a les agraffer dans le cahier de vie & a les commenter, comme elle l'a fait avec les autres photos.

Meilleures salutations.

Scott Alexander Gabriel Reiss, pere de Rose

Rose & Moshe Reiss by SAGReiss

From: SAGReiss

Date: 17 September 2010

Subject: Faute Professionnelle Grave

After an endless summer of kidnapping & death, I've got a bad hangover of nervousness & dread. I'm waiting for the prosecutor, waiting for the prefect, waiting for the social workers, but I can do nothing about any of that, so I called judicial services. While apologizing profusely for bothering her (This is the only human being in France who has tried to help me.) I asked her what's up. She said that she was merely awaiting approval & signature of her boss, expected next week, which has to be good news. She's always answered me by mail. If she's sending me a signed document by snailmail, it ain't to sweep the complaint under the rug, or deal with it internally, which means not at all. I think the boom is going to be lowered on the school, and rightly so: "Have a bite of faute professionnelle grave, bitchez."

From: SAGReiss

Date: 14 September 2010

Subject: Keystone Cops

The problem with the telephone is that by the time I type the number in right, am mistransferred, call back, put on hold, get cut off, call back, no answer, call back, busy signal, call back, and finally get the person whose number I have now painfully dialed seventeen times, I am in a murderous boodthirst. I suggested there was a problem with the new Interpol listing of Rose, the document isn't signed. Oops. No problem, she asked me to snailmail it back to her to have it signed. I didn't say anything, for this lady is actually far more competent than the one she replaced, whom it took six months to issue such a document last year. Then I asked her about the message I sent reporting the violation of the order. (Now these people recognize my voice when I call, so it's not like they're inundated with work between coffee breaks.) She said: "Yes, Madame Duval forwarded it to me." That was the previous message, asking for renewal of the Interpol listing, and it needn't have been forwarded at all, given that I had sent a CC to the new lady. I tried to explain: "The message was sent on 7 September at 09h27 with the subject Violation de l'Opposition & two attachments." Yes, she had added it to the file. Hmm, good thing I had a back-up plan, managed to find the Prefect's office, & sent it directly to him. Not much hope anyone will read it. Maybe the Prosecutor reads his mail.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 10 September 2010

Subject: Bitte schoen mets your finger en mi culo

I ate lunch with John father of Marie yesterday in a beautiful restaurant where C the G & I once ate with Rose, before going to Rose's school for yet another ugly confrontation. They were happy to give me the Classbook, or however the fuck you say that in English. Unfortunately, it includes neither the name/number of Rose's class, nor the family name of her teacher, Marylene. Am I supposed to greet her that way: "Salut, Marylene!"? I still don't know if Rose is enrolled half-day or full-time. The fight goes on. It's OK. I'm used to it. The only hope is if a man, the Prosecutor or the Prefect, decides to get involved. So long as I'm dealing with women (schoolteachers, social workers, judges), I'm lost. Anyway, I really like John (or Jean), especially the fact that he makes me laugh with his nostalgic, bourgeois right wing. He railed against the internet, Mai 1968, politics & the absence of morality in public life. (I was polite enough not to point out that the current president of France, on a pretty extreme right wing, divorced the mother of his children to marry an Italian whore who talks publicly of, um, asking people to stick a finger up her ass in seven languages. Oh, the beautiful versions of this vid have effectively been suppressed. Vive la France. Fuck la liberte.) We discussed the moutons de Panurge of Rabelais, as I pointed out that this author in particular had no taste for spelling, which is a big concern of John's. We discussed Montaigne, as I pointed out that he too had no taste for spelling and was a deeply dishonest writer. John countered that he was a homo. I countered with: "parce que c'etait lui; parce que c'etait moi." He apparently saw no contradiction in asking me to try to dig up some dirt on his wife & her new husband, which I was of course happy to do, but couldn't find much, no Facebook accounts, nothing incriminating. All in a day's work.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 9 September 2010

Subject: Rose Reiss

Madame Theraube,

Malgre le fait que je vous ai telephone lundi le 30 aout & mercredi le 1 septembre, et que je sois passe a l'ecole aujourd'hui (le 9 septembre), je vous ecris de nouveau pour me plaindre du manque total d'information concernant la scolarite de ma fille.

Le cahier de correspondance que vous avez prepare pour moi ne m'informe pas du tout, notamment:

- Le nom de son enseignant n'y figure pas. Son prenom est apparemment Marylene.

- Je ne sais pas en quelle classe est inscrite ma fille. Rose m'a dit: "moyenne section", mais ce n'est pas a elle de m'informer, et je ne sais pas si cette appellation est officielle et complete.

- Je ne sais pas si ma fille est scolarisee le matin seulement (comme l'annee derniere) ou toute la journee.

Puisque vous ecrire de temps en temps c'est vous "harceler" & vous faire "perdre du temps", je voudrais bien savoir ce que je dois faire pour avoir un minimum d'information sur la scolarite de ma fille.

D'ailleurs, j'attends toujours votre reponse a mon courriel du 29 aout concernant les trois attestations que vous & Mme Allige avez fournies a la mere de Rose et a l'intention du Juge aux Affaires Familiales.

En attendant de vos nouvelles, meilleures salutations.

Scott Alexander Gabriel Reiss, père de Rose

From: SAGReiss

Date: 8 September 2010

Subject: Renseignement Judiciaire

Damien told me that I couldn't press charges for the illegal trip because I am not the victim. I'm not sure who the victim is, Rose, the State? Anyway, one can't really argue with the cops, so I did what he said & filed a Judicial Information, which will be sent to the prosecutor. It's a piece of paper, so I sent it to my lawyer (who'll give it to the judge) & the authority that issued the order at the judge's behest, requesting that they transmit it to the prefect, whose direct (& considerable) authority has been violated. That means three people could get angry about this, the judge, the prefect, or the prosecutor, or most likely none of them. Nevertheless, it's another legal document that sanctions C the G. Her case is upheld by hearsay, but the latter is not necessarily any less compelling. With the social workers (still no word), we are moving into the popularity contest phase of the proceedings, a phase I am unlikely to win. I won't mention the illegal trip to them, for they don't care about the law being broken. The heat could come from a lot of places now, the summer's non-representation of children (still no word), the illegal trip, or (indirectly) the complaint over the teachers' unethical witness statements, or again maybe from nowhere. The letter that complains of the renewed antisemitism also documents the crazy phone calls (still no explanation), which she can deny, but I've got the tape online:

It also mentions another little heartbreaker. On Sunday C the G gave me Rose's Father's Day present, three months late. It was cookies Rose baked at school that are now of course inedible.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 5 September 2010

Subject: Return of Son of Who killed Jesus?

"Papa, do you know that the Jews killed Jesus?" "Who told you that?" "Mama." I've heard that one before, forty years ago in the streets of Cheshire, Connecticut. Such a good story never gets old. Christians never seem to tire of antisemitism. Rose seems to be catching on, however. She knows (and clearly states) that her mother often says things that are wrong, that she misbehaves. She is neither gullible (as her younger sister) nor indifferent to the truth (as her mother & elder sister). She understands what's going on, but that doesn't mean we can stop it. I have again complained to the school & doctor. I know I write too much fucking e-mail, but what the fuck am I supposed to do? She also spontaneously told me in detail about their trip to Belgium to see her grandmother. I will try to file a criminal complaint tomorrow. Normally they wouldn't give a fuck, but they may be looking for the goods on her. It wouldn't be hard to prove, looking at bank records, making discrete inquiries in Namur. Will they do it? I have no idea. All I can do is try to file a complaint.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 5 September 2010

Subject: Who killed Jesus?


Ton comportement vendredi soir etait encore une fois deplorable.

Rose vient chez moi pendant deux jours par quinzaine, et tu lui fais pleurer en insistant sur la necessite de contact telephonique pendant ce si peu de temps.

Je te rappelle que Rose a passe 33 jours consecutifs chez toi (a cause de ta non-representation d'enfant illegale, privant Rose ainsi de son pere & de ses grands-parents pendant vingt-et-un jours) aux mois de juin-juillet. Pendant ces 33 jours je n'ai eu aucune nouvelle de notre fille.

Je te rappelle que Rose a passe 32 jours consecutifs chez toi aux mois d'aout-septembre. Pendant ces 32 jours je n'ai eu aucune nouvelle de notre fille.

Je te rappelle que tu m'as telephone plus d'une dizaine de fois dimanche le 29 aout. Quand j'ai recu ces appels en absence (sans message) j'etais tres inquiet, donc je t'ai telephone toute la matinee du lendemain depuis mon lieu de travail. Quand j'ai fini par avoir une reponse a midi passe, tu as dit a la soeur cadette de Rose: "Racroche," et elle a racroche sans explication.

Je te rappelle que tu m'as de nouveau telephone plus d'une dizaine de fois lundi soir le 30 aout, toujours sans laisser de message. Je ne sais toujours pas quel etait le but de ces appels. Et l'on m'accuse de "harcelement" parce que j'ecris un courriel par semaine?

Quand Rose vient chez moi, elle voit son pere, ses grands-parents, ses amis des Vans, et elle apprend l'anglais. Quand Rose reste chez toi elle desapprend. Apres cet ete horrible & illegal elle a du mal a reprendre son education en anglais, cruellement interrompue par toi. Tandis que je l'eduque, tu oeuvres contre l'education de notre fille.

D'autre part, Rose m'a demande ce week-end: "Est-ce que tu sais que les Juifs ont tue Jesus?" Je lui ai demande qui lui a dit cela. Elle m'a repondu: "Maman." Je regrette profondement l'antisemitisme que tu insistes a inculquer a notre fille, nee d'un pere juif.

Je demande a qui de droit de bien vouloir m'aider a mettre fin a ces abus de notre enfant (CC a l'ecole, et au Dr Pellet par la poste).

Meilleures salutations.

Scott Reiss, pere de Rose

Merci pour le cadeau de Rose pour la fete des peres que tu as bien voulu me remettre aujourd'hui (le 5 septembre), un cadeau qui etait surement comestible il y a trois mois. Tu pretends que l'ecole s'est trompee de week-end, puis que tu l'avais oublie dans le frigo. Il semble que tout le monde souffre d'amnesie quant a la paternite de notre fille.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 3 September 2010

Subject: Birthday Bashed?

I ordered the chocolate mousse cake from James & the Giant Peach this morning. I'll pick it up with the falafel, meatballs, & pastries tomorrow morning. I bought beer & wine for the parents, orange juice & grenadine for the kids. I hung up the Winnie the Pooh Happy Birthday banner in Rose's room. Everything is ready, except perhaps the birthday girl. I have this lingering horror that C the G might fuck us up again, the bitch. There's nothing I can do until 6pm. The fucking stupid judges. If they just defined the week-end from the end of school Friday to the beginning of school Monday, they'd rid everyone of kidnapping, and eliminate most of the occasions for the parents to quarrel in front of the children. Would another sixteen hours every fortnight really kill the mothers? At least the school was nicer to me on the phone yesterday, but that may mean they think they're fucked. I sent off my letter of complaint on Sunday, and yesterday Judicial Services wrote back, asking for another piece of information. At least that means they read it, fast, and haven't just thrown it into the trash. This lady usually takes ten days to answer. And the silence of the Inspector (superintendent) is odd. In December he answered in a couple of days. His silence might mean that Judicial Services wants to handle this themselves, which is good. They are not pals with the schoolteachers. They don't know them. Anyway, Clemence, Clovis, Sam, & Sofian have all confirmed. Kim has declined. Naia is unknown. There will be at least three friends here, and that should be enough. I'm just fucking waiting for Rose.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 29 August 2010

Subject: Rose Reiss

Attached: attestation_theraube.jpgattestation_alligne_1.jpg; attestation_alligne_2.jpg; 2010_06_12.pdf;

Madame Theraube,

Veuillez considérer la présente comme une nouvelle opposition à la radiation scolaire de ma fille Rose Reiss et une nouvelle dénonciation de la présomption d’accord pour les actes usuels de l’autorité parentale. Si vous avez besoin d’un document signé à cet effet, merci de me prévenir. Sinon, merci d’accuser réception de cette opposition et de cette dénonciation.

Le printemps dernier vous & Mme Alligné (l'enseignant de Rose l'année dernière) avez fourni à Mme Uccellatore (la mère de Rose, qui les a soumis au Juge aux Affaires Familiales) des attestations (ci-jointes) qui dépassent de très loin la réserve qui est le devoir des fonctionnaires de l'État. Ces attestations me semblent tendancieuses, voire de mauvaise foi, et vous prenez position là où votre devoir est de rester neutre.

Le titre, ou l'objet ("agissement M. REISS"), de votre attestation est déjà fort préjudiciable au père de Rose.

Vous y indiquez pour commencer: "Mme UCCELLATORE, mère de Rose Reiss, scolarisée depuis la rentrée scolaire 2009/2010 en PS maternelle, me fait part de son angoisse concernant les agissements du père de Rose, M. REISS." Vous êtes la directrice de l'école de Rose, et non pas l'apologiste de sa mère. En quoi cette déclaration est-elle compatible avec vos fonctions?

Vous continuez: "il [M. REISS] a accès à toutes les informations concernant sa fille à l'école". Vous oubliez que Rose a été absente de l'école pendant deux semaines consécutives (23 novembre au 4 décembre 2009) sans que vous ne m'en informiez, ceci malgré mes demandes réitérées depuis le début de l'année scolaire et malgré l'avis du service juridique de l'académie que j'avais le droit d'être informé de ses absences.

Vous avez affirmé alors que vous n'aviez tout simplement "pas pensé" à m'informer et que Rose était absente pour cause de maladie. Or, je vous invite à consulter le carnet de santé de Rose, que je n'ai fini par pouvoir consulter moi-même qu'au mois de février (puisque Mme Uccellatore réfusait de me le communiquer lors des visites, ce que je vous ai fait savoir). Rose n'a été vue par aucun médecin jusqu'à vendredi le 4 décembre à 18h, précisément l'heure de la visite prévue chez son père. La visite bien entendu n'a pas eu lieu, contrairement à la loi, et une plainte pénale a été déposée contre Mme Uccellatore pour non-représentation d'enfant. Votre attestation ne fait aucune allusion à ce délit pénal dont je vous ai pourtant tenu au courant. Les angoisses de Mme Uccellatore, oui, ses forfaits, non. Pourquoi?

Vous affirmez qu’en 2010 je téléphonais tous les vendredis matins pour savoir si Rose était à l’école. C’est matériellement faux. Je ne téléphonais que les vendredis matins précédents une visite (donc tous les quinze jours) pour la bonne raison que Mme Uccellatore avait prétexté une maladie pour la non-représentation du mois de décembre. Si vous ne voulez pas que je vous écrive, ni ne vous téléphone, il suffit que vous m’informiez spontanément des absences de Rose. Le problème était (et reste) facile à résoudre.

Vous faites également état d'un "harcèlement" de courriels dont vous auriez été l'objet de ma part. Or, je vous ai écrit pendant les dix mois de l'année scolaire 2009-2010 au total 27 messages, à peine plus de deux messages par mois. Si vous m'aviez tenu informé des absences de Rose, je n'aurais pas eu besoin de vous écrire.

Mme Alligné fait un éloge de la maternité de Mme Uccellatore, comme vous avez félicité son "civisme" dans votre courriel du 8 décembre 2009, ce qui a suscité des "réserves" de la part de l'Inspecteur académique (CC ci-dessus). Est-ce que ces prises de position sont compatibles avec vos fonctions?

Mme Alligné dresse également un portrait de Rose, où il est question notamment de son développement linguistique. Il est curieux de constater qu'elle ne fait aucune allusion à son bilinguisme, un trait pourtant fondamental de son développement linguistique. Est-ce que vous êtes si peu à l'écoute des enfants que vous ignorez que Rose parle une autre langue, connaît des dizaines de chansons en cette langue, y compris certaines (Frère Jacques, Au Clair de la Lune, les noëls) que vous chantez en français en classe et que nous chantons en anglais à la maison? ou est-ce que vous avez préféré passer sous silence cette richesse culturelle & intellectuelle qui lui vient de son père?

Je répète, vos attestations font état des angoisses de Mme Uccellatore, mais pas du bilinguisme de sa fille. Est-ce que vous êtes les éducatrices de Rose, ou les confidentes de sa mère?

Dans une deuxième attestation (car une ne lui suffisait apparemment pas) Mme Alligné décrit les évènements précédant la fête de l'école le 19 juin, où je n'ai pas amené Rose pour éviter un conflit avec sa mère. Or, elle ne fait aucun état du fait que j'ai proposé à Mme Uccellatore par écrit le 12 juin un échange de week-ends qui aurait permis à Rose d'assister à cette fête avec sa mère. Vous avez reçu une CC de ce courriel (ci-joint), auquel Mme Uccellatore (à qui j'ai envoyé aussi une copie imprimée par la poste) n'a jamais répondu. N'est-ce pas tendancieuse de la part de Mme Alligné de ne faire aucune allusion à ce message?

Notre famille va faire l'objet d'une enquête sociale. Je souhaiterais avoir quelques précisions écrites de votre part, ainsi que l'avis de l'Inspecteur et du service juridique (CC ci-dessus) au sujet de vos attestations. Merci de votre coopération.

Je vous informe par ailleurs que Mme Uccellatore a profité de l'été pour récidiver avec une non-représentation d'enfant qui a duré 21 jours, privant ainsi Rose de son père & de ses grands-parents venus de l'étranger pour la voir. Les gendarmes ont dû intervenir chez Mme Uccellatore.

D'autre part, je prendrai rendez-vous avec vous la semaine prochaine pour l'inscription de Rose. Je ne souhaite pas que Mme Uccellatore indique encore une fois sur la fiche d'inscription que je n'ai pas l'autorité parentale sur ma fille, comme elle l'a prétendu l'année dernière. Mme Alligné et vous étiez au courant de cette fausse déclaration écrite, mais ni vous ni Mme Alligné n'avez pensé que c'était pertinent d'en informer le Juge. N’est-ce pas une preuve supplémentaire de votre manque de neutralité?

Enfin et surtout, je demande encore une fois d'être ponctuellement & spontanément informé des absences de Rose à l'école, ce qui n'a malheureusement pas été le cas l'année dernière.

En attendant de vos nouvelles, meilleures salutations.

Scott Alexander Gabriel Reiss, père de Rose

From: SAGReiss

Date: 25 August 2010

Subject: Judicial Aide

I have been granted 100% judicial aide, so neither the lawyer nor the social Inquisition will cost us any money, whatever else they may cost. Please let's not argue about US$50 when we've just saved 3000euros. There is no love & no principle. There is only sex & money, usually one in exchange for the other. C the G, on the other hand, may have to pay both her lawyer & half or the entirety of the social Inquisition. Heh, heh.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 20 August 2010

Subject: Google Street View of Our Home in Lablachere

This is kind of evil.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 18 August 2010

Subject: Dangling Participles

My mother wrote a beautiful phrase:

feel like a dangling participle

I have no idea what it means, but it's more of our lovely jibberish. It probably won't work, but the Birthday Bash page is actually a trap I've set for C the G. She is like America, a cowardly fighter. When she gets slapped (Order of Doctors, Gendarmes, Judge), she retreats (as when she gave me Rose back in July for no apparent reason), but then, when she realizes that the punishment was really just a talking to, she counterattacks (as when she refused to give me the Health Book after giving it to me once on 20 November). She won the first round at the judge's, since the decision did not give us the month of August, so she should be feeling strong. What better way to destroy Rose & me than to hijack our Birthday Bash? If I go into the social inquiry with yet another police complaint, or better yet after having Rose transported to me by the pigs, there's no way they can ignore that, as they probably will try to ignore the summer's madness. I finally found a doctor who can actually do the part of the job that includes informing fathers. I called the eye-doctor, whose name C the G gave me for some reason, and asked to be informed. She just said: "What's your address, and I'll send you the report?" I almost fainted: "Thank you, doc. Thank you." What I heard from C the G is that Rose has 20/50 (0.4) vision in one eye (I'll find out which.), 20/20 in the other. [The doctor's report lists her right eye at 20/40 {0.5} & her left at 20/20.] My vision is 20/100. She said the doc implied it might be psychosomatic: "So why don't you stop traumatizing your daughter, cunt?"

From: SAGReiss

Date: 16 August 2010

Subject: Spooky Fucking Facebook

I clicked on Cor(r)in(n)e's link to some Philippe dude's pic, and a weird & scary thing happened. Facebook asked me if I wanted to tag this pic:

Only thing is, I've never updated that pic to Facebook, nor to my knowledge has anyone else. (If you have, please let me know. I have enough worries.) Is Zuckerman's fucking monster trolling my 'puter for porn or something? No wonder laurent calls himself Gazpacho. This is the one site where maybe nicks are warranted. I hate the thing, basically, and always have, but it does give our World a somewhat public face, a place for me to find out what John, for example, is up to [...] There are an infinite number of things that we never write about, which is wrong, so I do like to check my friends' websites to learn more about them. I only learned that laurent was a world-class mathematician by reading his CV, which is written in a C(l)ous(t)eau-esque accent that is very sexy, as Nichelle has confirmed. I guess you could say I'm spying on you, but I have no curiosity in my nature, and I never ask questions. I shudder to think that I shall have to answer the social workers' questions. I hate questions. They are all indiscrete. All curiosity is "malsaine". A question is a fundamental violation of the right to freedom of speech, which by its very nature implies a right to silence. Asking a question is a violation of the right to silence, since in polite society one must reply, if only to say: "Fuck you and your dumb questions. If I wanted to tell you the answer, I would already have fucking done so before the question was asked, so basically you are asking me for information I intentionally did not give you. Eat shit & die." The only reasonable questions are Rose's. Rose wants to learn about the world, and is never indiscrete, even if her questions are sometimes delicate, since she probes me for information about her mother, but this is HER RIGHT, and I answer her. I do not lie, as I once somewhat boorishly informed Dawn [...]

From: SAGReiss

Date: 7 August 2010

Subject: Re: Decision

Faux. Dans votre bureau le 29 juin je vous ai dit que je ne voulais pas d'une enquete sociale, et vous m'avez repondu par le meme lieu commun, qu'on n'a rien a craindre etc. Si je voulais une enquete sociale, vous pensez bien que je l'aurais demandee dans le document que je vous ai soumis.

Faux encore, car on avait bel et bien quelque chose a craindre, et c'est bien ce qui est arrive. Le juge enterine la non-representation en repoussant la decision jusqu'au 22 novembre, quand ce sera helas trop tard pour Rose.

Faux trois fois. J'ai ecrit beaucoup de mal de vous en sortant de l'audience et pour cette meme raison. Je vous fais grace de ce message ecrit en anglais et en colere.

Bien entendu, je suis oblige de cooperer avec une enquete que j'ai demandee par vos soins, mais je dirai aux enquetrices et/ou au juge que vous l'avez demandee contre mon gre.

Je ne sais meme pas si j'aurai droit au AJ [aide judicière], mais je m'en fous. Je n'aurai pas le droit de revoir ma fille avant le 3 septembre grace a vous. Merci.

At 12:30 07-08-10, you wrote:


je prends connaissance a l'instant, de votre courriel . Je n'ai en revanche pas pris connaissance de la décision, étant en congés. Vous n'avez jamais formule la moindre opposition a l'organisation d'une mesure d'enquête sociale et je nevois pas ce que vous auriez a craindre des lors que rien dans votre comportement vis a vis de rose ne pose difficultés. Cela permettra de mettre a plat vos contentieux etvous avez a mon sens tout intérêt a collaborer a cette mesure. En outre vous étiez satisfait des conditions de mon intervention a l'issue de l'audience, de. sorte que je ne puis comprendre votre colere a mon endroit. Quant au cout de la mesure ordonnée, il sera prisen charge au titre de l'aj. Sentiments dévoues. Me Reboul

Envoyé de mon iPhone

From: SAGReiss

Date: 7 August 2010

Subject: Re: Dust and ashes

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

Thanks for the words of wisdom, if not solace, bro. Dust & ashes are more Job's style, and he wasn't even a Jew, there being a strong current of scholarship suggesting the whole poem, or at least the older prologue & epilogue, are a translation from some Babylonian Chaldean or something. Anyway, an astonishing poem, of which Joy's husband thing is also rather fond. I'm not sure I understand the chips fetish here, but references to andouillettes & Mrs de Sade are always welcome in our little paradise. I'm trying to channel my rage, or at least dissipate it, in the making of a new page, which I shall publish privately until the next judgement day. The Germans call it the "youngest judgement".

At 09:31 07-08-10, you wrote:

Ciao, Scott

hai scritto:

The wrath has mostly subsided to sub-bloodthirsty levels,

and much other stuff.

Proverbs 16:18 is your man, here.

Anyway, I am being liberated from Léon Bérard within the hour after a more than somewhat trying week. Did manage a freelance (escaped) plate of andouillettes frites. *I* escaped, that is; the andouillettes just lay back meekly. If washed down with a milkshake (perish that latter thought) must be about as unkosher as you can get. It's the chips, see. The andouillette is not only permissible in situations described as life, continuation thereof, duty to the Almighty, it is arguably obligatory.(And unfortunate concatenation of consonants.) But the chips...

Having removed a thorn from a big fierce rabbi's tender foot on a stormy Sabbath, I have been granted the very rare right of issuing a sort-of, pan-Abrahamic fatwa on the subject.

see you this pm perhaps, if we are spared. In ther meantime, watch out for the chips.


From: SAGReiss

Date: 7 August 2010

Subject: Wrath Subsides

The wrath has mostly subsided to sub-bloodthirsty levels, and I have begun to think ahead. [...] I have invited Clovis (an American lady's boy whom we met at the arts & crafts fair in Greer & Alex's village) to the birthday bash on Saturday 4 September 2-6pm, then next time justice will allow me to see my beloved daughter. I talked to John, a man who has been here & understands. The boyz [...] told me I couldn't appeal, for what was rendered was not a judgement, since judges hate to do that work. It was rather an order to shift the burden of duty to some illiterate ex-psychology student, who is (Surprise!) also a mother, not that that might cloud her otherwise limpid judgement. I must figure out how to convince these wenches, since they are always wenches, and as Crazy Ted said: "Having the witness is really important. Social lady comes in twos because she wants a witness of her own. If she sees you don't have one, then you are AT HER MERCY." I will take care of the latter by buying a recording device. They won't like it, for the scope of their imagination is considerably curtailed by the presence of actual facts. I just need to convince myself to play nice, to grin & bear it, to want, to need, to love the ass-raping they're going to give me, to convince them to advise, or at least not to discourage, shared custody. If they advise it, I will get it. John & most of the boyz [...] have been fucked by the Social Inquisitor, but Fredo at work said it was good. It allowed him to defend himself, to make arguments that can't (for legal reasons & because of time constraints) be made before the judge. He won shared custody, so now he just files a criminal complaint once every two weeks, since his wife refuses to accept the decision. Let there be no mistake. C the G will play these bitches like Joy plays her cello, but with more vibrato. Unlike in front of the judge, she can accuse me of drunken, violent incest with no burden of proof. It is the converse of a verse Alan somehow forgot: "To vouch this, is no proof." [Othello I.iii] She's already had one social inquiry. I walked in on one session. Two ladies are drinking coffee at the kitchen table. (I guess I should make them coffee.) "Would you like to talk about some of the problems?" "[silence]" "It's difficult?" "No, you dumb cunt. It ain't difficult. You want me to talk? How about this: Get the fuck out of my home."

From: SAGReiss

Date: 6 August 2010

Subject: Chickenshitassmotherfucking Lawyer

Well, the cunt's strategy, whatever it may be, and my lawyer's covetous incompetence may be working. If nothing else, she reduced our summer from thirty-one days to ten, with no punishment in any way likely, unless the prosecutor does something very unexpected, and pursues a flagrant violation of the law. The bitch of a lawyer asked for a social inquiry, and that's just what I've got, which is a good excuse for the judge not to give me back my time with Rose this summer, since the social workers (whose office is open two & one quarter days per week) won't finish their "work" until 22 November, which is an historical date in France for some reason that escapes my blackened mind for the moment. Just what I needed, two ignorant cunts coming into my home to ask me questions. Why don't they just give me a good, old-fashioned police beatdown, or cut my balls off? And I have to pay for the social inquiry. That's like tipping the fucking hangman. The judge bought into C the G's fantasy, affirming on the flimsiest evidence that I had an "oppressive omnipresence" & "manifest mistrust" of the "professionals" (doctor, teachers) of Rose's environment. Well, they don't tell me when she's sick or absent from school, so why should I trust them? She made no mention of the refusal to transmit the health book nor, even more incredibly, of the violation of the law by Rose's mother. She congratulates me on having "no intention" of leaving France with my daughter. So this is what the French call a "procès d'intention"? I need to consider an appeal, but my lawyer seems to be on vacation until 15 August, some Christian fucking holiday. I think I have only thirty days to appeal, but nothing could be worse than this decision. I am not generally speaking a nice man, and I have no way of being nice to ignorant bitches invading my home, our isle of Caliban, to ask me fucking questions. The social inquiry may now be inevitable (and C the G's lawyer didn't even ask for one), but this decision is too much. C the G's fantasies are teated as fact, but police reports are not even mentioned. It's probably not worth it to appeal, but I have to ask someone. I'll post the decision on Monday and ask the boys [...] John isn't answering his phone. At this point the only thing that could possibly help me (not that I'm really likely to lose fatherhood or overnight visits, as C the G has requested) is a conviction, suspended sentence, anything. Surely the [...] judge couldn't possibly ignore that. Oh, and good luck with the baseball & blueberry pies. We like alliteration. We also like baseball & blueberry pies. Well, Murder likes tennis & chess, but he's a little weird. He eats sushi. I'm not sure if the latter is not netspeak for some bizarre sex act. I was recently doing some scientific research, and found the term "snowballing" for a somewhat awkward kind of kiss. I don't think I should say what this means in front of my parents (thus the BCCs). You can look it up. As Rose likes to say: "Let's check [...]."

From: SAGReiss

Date: 6 August 2010

Subject: Decision

Maitre Reboul,

Je suis extremement decu par la decision, par le juge, et par vous-meme. Je vous ai dit que je ne voulais PAS d'une enquete sociale, donc vous l'avez demande contre mon gre, et vous l'avez obtenue soi-disant a ma demande. C'est rajouter injure a la blessure. En plus j'aurai la facture de l'enquete. Et pendant ce temps, la non-representation d'enfant est enterrinee, alors que le juge aurait pu rectifier la situation en me confiant ma fille pour le mois d'aout. En novembre, ce sera trop tard.

Le juge parle comme l'avocat de Mme Uccellatore. "omnipresence oppressante", "defiance manifeste". Elle ne parle pas de la non-representation, ni du refus de transmettre le carnet de sante, ni de l'opposition a sortie du territoire. Je suis deja grille. A votre avis, faut-il faire appel? ou juste me laisser detruire par les assistantes sociales?

Dans ce cas-ci, que dois-je faire pour l'enquete? Je dois organiser mon assassinat moi-meme, ou le bourreau va me contacter? Dois-je dire aux inquisitrices que la soeur ainee de Rose semble (d'apres les dires de Mme Uccellatore) etre descolarisee a seize ans, puisque la conservatoire est une activite extra-scolaire en France?

Enfin, dites-moi quelque chose, s'il vous plait. Je suis tres en colere.

Meilleures salutations.

Scott Alexander Gabriel Reiss, pere de Rose

From: Calamity Kate

Date: 6 August 2010

Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: Fwd: Animal Anatomy

it IS a donkey [...] I am not caught up on the whole saga yet, but it sounds ugly. I hope for you and your rose's sakes that you'll get to see a lot of eachother.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 6 August 2010

Subject: Fwd: Re: Fwd: Animal Anatomy

It didn't. I just randomly forwarded a message, and changed the information, which at that point is text & thus may be modified. While I have always known that it doesn't really matter to whom a letter is written, Nichelle taught me that one does not always have to write a letter from oneself. On occasion one may write a letter from someone else. It's a trick, and as such not to be abused too often [...]

From: Calamity Kate

Subject: Re: Fwd: Animal Anatomy

Date: 6 August 2010

I don't get how the horse not a donkey email came from my email account - hmm - but more importantly - Sorry to hear that you are having it rough. Hope by now it's straighter and you are able to get a little rest. I'll be thinking of you..

On happier land, I'm driving all over the US to see baseball games and eat blueberry pies.

From: SAGReiss

Date: 21 July 2010

Subject: Fwd: Animal Anatomy


From: Calamity Kate

Date: 21 July 2010

Subject: Animal Anatomy

It's a horse, dummy, not a donkey.