SAGReiss by Catherine Uccellatore

SAGReiss by Catherine

19 December 2006, Lablachère, Ardèche, France

From: SAGReiss

Date: 26 September 2007

Subject: 74 Days

I can't believe I didn't see Rose for seventy-four days. I don't know how I survived, but I think two of the reasons are "Mimosa" and "through the filter", for which I thank you. She has not changed developmentally so much as I was led to believe. Her hair is much longer. Apparently she learned to cry at the nursery. She wouldn't sleep in her bed, so she slept in my arms. She ate bread, a little organic pumpkin babyfood, a piece of smushed banana, and some local cottage cheese called faisselle. She drank water with lemon juice, as does her grandmother. She helped me type a letter to her mother, which I guess I will forward. I'm still trying to work out in my head what the rules of engagement are supposed to be here. If Catherine can photograph, draw, and paint my sex in a happy state, how is that different from what I do? I realize this takes a very open mind. She apparently still hasn't seen The Rose of Ardony, but she will. All hell may break loose. It doesn't matter. Truth & beauty trump all other concerns, except for Rose, but that's no longer in C the G's hands. It's in the judge's hands. As I was resting before eleven o'clock, I suddenly had a bright idea, so I walked to La Vie en Rose and bought a single red rose. Relations with Catherine were not at all tense, although we were both nervous and weary (also wary, but you knew that). I actually found myself backing up when I saw her car approaching me. The sexual charge was palpable. Even Rose felt it. I still feel it, and so does C the G, I would imagine. The neighbors, Pablo's grandmother, mother, and aunt, all stopped by to admire the new most beautiful woman in the neighborhood. Rose was her usual charming self. Pablo missed out, since he was asleep. This doesn't bode well for his lovelife. Rose should be back tomorrow. I'm not sure what time. I haven't eaten, too nervous. I'm going to the bars. Lorenzo isn't answering his phone. I need to relax.

tout va bien, cherie. rose a dormi dans mes bras, mange un peu de pain, citrouill, et banane. ell veut tape

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