Rose & SAGReiss by April Reiss

Rose & SAGReiss by April Reiss

7 November 2009, Montélimar, Drôme, France
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From: SAGReiss

Date: 7 November 2009

Subject: The Quietest Bar on Earth

We had to go to Montelimar because my mother lost her train ticket (Will these people never leave?) so I decided to make a day of it, and packed green olives, radishes, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, broccoli, salami, sausages from Toulouse, butter, cheese from Camembert, chocolate, a banana, water, and red wine from Cotes du Rhone. We also had bread and a lemon pie from a stop at the bakery on the way. It was drizzling rain, so I suggested, against my mother's mumbled objections, that we stop in a bar and ask if we could picnic on their tables. The bartender said we could, so I ordered grenadine, water, and wine. I vaguely noticed that there was no music, but I had other things on my mind. We feasted, but the girls finished first, so my mother took Rose back to the park. Since the bartenders had changed, I joked to the new guy that he could advertise: "Aire de pique-nique", and some asshole at the bar added: "in peace & quiet". It was only then that I noticed (since Rose was gone) that everyone was sitting alone, and no one said anything. It was silent. I left a generous tip, and went back to the parc. It was a good day.

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