Rose Reiss & FulDa by SAGReiss

Rose Reiss & FulDa by SAGReiss

11 December 2009, Les Vans, Ardèche, France

Foreground: FulDa & Rose Reiss (left)
Background: The Golden Menorah (center), A Klezmer Christmas (splitscreen left), Fiddler on the Roof (splitscreen right)

From: SAGReiss

Date: 15 December 2009

Subject: Return of Son of The Golden Menorah

Aside from her aversion to spellcheck (Rose always asks me to lose the fucking red when she's doing her ABCs in Word), my daughter has just learned that Hebrew is written from right to left. It wasn't easy. She was reading the text of Song of Songs 2:1 on the Golden Menorah (in that dreadful Arial font which fucks up the cantillation marks because I foolishly forgot to save my document in PDF format before going to the print shop), when I suggested reading it in the opposite direction, and translated it into English. She disagreed. It took me a minute, for I couldn't figure out what to do to convince her, but then I thought of the bilingual Bibles online, so I stoked up Song of Songs 2:1 in English & Hebrew side-by-side, and mercifully in table format. I just copied it into Word, put the cursor in the middle of the English text and asked her to type. Everything worked normally. Then I put the cursor in the middle of the Hebrew text and again asked her to type. The letters were incontestably going in the wrong direction. Rose conceded the point, as she is sceptical (and I would have it no other way) but understands a powerful argument based on empirical evidence when she sees one.

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