Rose Reiss & Syrah by SAGReiss

Rose Reiss & Syrah by SAGReiss

14 February 2010, Villefort, Lozère, France

From: SAGReiss

Date: 24 August 2010

Subject: Syrah

At the festival of Greer (the South African pottery lady) & Alex's (a Scot) village on 1 August Rose not only rode a pedicab, but we also rode a horse carriage. (Rose has inherited her father's memory, not selective [as her mother's] but photographic. When we went to the Safari de Peaugres, she asked to wear the same "Daddy's Girl" shirt she had worn to the Montpellier zoo seven & a half months earlier.) As we rode in the carriage, she asked me to sing "Jingle Bells", a song very appropriate to the circumstances. As we sung, the driver remembered us (as we had sung the same song five & a half months earlier), and asked if we had not been at the Mas de la Bar(o)que in winter. I said indeed we had. Rose asked me if it was the same horse, so I asked the driver what the horse's name was. He said: "Syrah", a kind of wine grape. "Yes, Sweetheart. It's the same horse."

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