Absent Rose by Catherine Uccellatore

Absent Rose by Catherine

1 October 2010, Les Vans, Ardèche, France

La pédophilie est devenue l'arme fatale des femmes et des enfants, un moyen commode parfois même suggéré par certains avocats pour écarter un père de ses enfants dans des cas de séparation!

L'Abbé Dominique Wiel, emprisonné pendant 30 mois, puis acquitté dans l'affaire Outreau

L'affaire d'Outreau n'a rien d'exceptionnel. Il s'agit de l'ordinaire, du fonctionnement quotidien d'une institution qui n'a ni la culture du doute, ni celle de la présomption d'innocence. Et qu'est-ce qui préoccupe aujourd'hui la magistrature? Comment se protéger elle-même.

Éric Dupont-Moretti, avocat de Roselyne Godard, emprisonnée pendant 16 mois, et de Daniel Legrand fils, emprisonné pendant 30 mois, puis acquittés

From: SAGReiss

Date: 30 September 2010

Subject: Convocation

Fucking great. My father arrives in Marseille, three hours away at 10:10pm, four hours from now. I have an appointment at the veterinarian's at 9:00am tomorrow morning. I am now convoked by the Gendarmerie of Joyeuse at 8am, for some unknown crime that C the G has accused me of. I called, but they wouldn't tell me what this is all about. I can't find my lawyer. I called Marie's father John. He said: "Fuck them. Go after work." I called the Gendarmerie back. The person who had convoked me now said I was accused of nothing, that this rather had to do with the complaint I filed in July. I don't know what the fuck to believe. The thing is why Joyeuse, if it has to do with my complaints filed in Les Vans & Largentiere. If C the G were going to file a complaint, it would be in Joyeuse, since she abused the cops in Largentiere so badly. Anyway, I'm not answering any questions if I'm accused of something. Surely they have to tell me that. Let them talk to my fucking lawyer. I'll plan to get the quilt into the car, talk to the pigs, go back home to pick up Strophe, drop him off at the vet's, drop the quilt off at the dry cleaner's, work for a couple of hours, pick up the quilt, go see John, return home to sleep, pick up Strophe at 5pm, pick up Rose at 6pm. What a fucking nightmare.

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